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Gym Cable Repair

WARNING! Worn or damaged cables should be replaced, IMMEDIATELY.

Working out on strength equipment with damaged or frayed cables can be

dangerous and can cause serious injuries.

Most manufacturers recommend to replace all cables, at least once a year.

Top Notch Fitness manufactures high quality replacement gym cables for all commercial and

residential strength equipment, made to specifications. Our cables are made using only

commercial grade cabling and hardware.


We repair cables on all brands of equipment and all types, including multi-stations, cable cross

overs, functional trainers, seated rows, smith machines, lat pull downs, chest press, leg press,

shoulder press, etc...

Man doing bicep curls at gym.Gym Cable Repair in Broward, Palm Beach
Woman doing tricep pulls at gym.Fitness Strength Equipment Cable Repair

Things to look for that would indicate a need to replace a cable:


* Cable coating that is torn or frayed in any way,

exposing the wire cable

* One or more kinks in the cable

* A curled cable outer sheath

* Cable ends that are not securely attached

* Cable tension is not correct

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