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The Classic Spine Corrector is used to align, stretch, strengthen and lengthen the spine, shoulder girdle, hips and powerhouse. All of the original exercises can be precisely executed on this beautiful piece. The patent pending rotational alignment handles allow for the proper alignment of the arm, elbow and wrist.


• Openings in the frame make it lighter and easier to move around, as well as allowing for additional hand placements to accommodate various shoulder considerations for more advanced exercises  

• The new side handles are “flush” so that spine correctors can be stacked for storage (up to 4 high maximum) 

• Retained the classical working geometry of the Classic Spine Corrector

• Removed all visible fasteners from the outside of the product for a clean, smooth surface and sleek design 

• American made with quality from Baltic Birch


Barrel Construction:
Constructed from 13-ply Baltic Birch and solid American hardwood
Both the frame and individual barrels are finished inside and out. All hardware has been removed from the outside sufaces for a clean, smooth surface and sleek design.


We utilize premium Boltaflex® vinyl upholstery for superior abrasion resistance and easy cleaning.
Standard with black upholstery. Call 1.855-999-0039 to order from a palette of more than 65 custom colors.


Download the Owner's Manual

SKU: 4910-2606-01 R1



Peak Pilates Classic Spine Corrector

SKU: PPCSC1187892
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