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2-Tier Fixed Pro-Style Dumbbell Saddle Rack – Fits any 6 Pairs (60″ W x 26″ D x 32″ H | 100 lbs.)


Our 2- and 3-tiered saddle-style dumbbell racks are beautifully designed to hold a variety of our different types of dumbbells. The 3-tiered version is perfect for those with floor-space constraints. With no sharp edges to disfigure your dumbbells, our saddle-style dumbbell racks have biomechanically-designed tiers to make loading and off-loading your dumbbells safer and less labor-intensive. This reduces the chances for injuries to the user during workouts. All of our saddle-style racks are constructed for heavy-duty usage from 12- and 14-gauge steel and can be custom-painted to match any color scheme.


Hampton Fitness 2-Tier Dumbbell Saddle Rack (2T_SDL_6)

SKU: H2TSR187863
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