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Peak Pilates® offers the only High Ladder Barrel in the industry that has replaced the cumbersome adjustment of knobs with an easy three-step locking system. Just kick, slide and lock for efficient flow when teaching and completing exercises. Built to withstand the rigors of a tough workout, this barrel integrates the critical dimensions of Joseph Pilates’ original design, including accurate ladder rung spacing and barrel contour. 



13-ply baltic birch construction
Upholstered barrel
Reinforced steel bracing system
Fully adjustable from 35in to 47in in overall length



Constructed from 13-ply Baltic Birch 
Labeled adjustment scale for easy barrel adjustments
Fully adjustable from 32 1/2in to 49in in overall length 



We utilize premium Boltaflex® vinyl upholstery for superior abrasion resistance and easy cleaning. Standard with black upholstery. Call (1) 800.925.3674 to order from a palette of 64 custom colors.


Download the Owner's Manual


SKU: 4910-2615-01 R2


Peak Pilates High Ladder Barrel

SKU: PPHLB1187894
Out of Stock
  • Ladder: 37in H x 30in W (includes handles)
    Upholstered Barrel: 35in H x 21½in W x 19½in L

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