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The MVe® Reformer is a sleek, precision-built aluminum reformer possessing the features and quality of the finest professional studio reformers, while stacking for space-saving if necessary. This patent-pending design allows for ‘nesting’ of the units without removing parts or legs.


The MVe® Reformer's innovative design includes features not found on other stackable reformers such as retractable shoulder-block, retractable risers and a gear bar selection for maximum adjustability, comfort and user-friendly appeal.

Combined with the MVe® Reformer Tower Conversion, all reformer/tower/mat work can be performed in one unit.



    • Powder coated aluminum frame
    • 4 position gear system
    • 5 spring system: Standard with 1 Red (Heavy) 2 Yellow (Medium) and 2 Blue (Light)
    • 3 position headrest
    • 4 position footbar with safety latch
    • Adjustable ropes
    • Double loops (pair)
    • Retractable risers
    • Retractable shoulder blocks
    • Retractable handles for easy maneuvering
    • Non-slip Pad
    • For multiple reformers, stack up to 4 high
    • Available in black upholstery only


Click here for the Peak Pilates® warranty information.


Download the Owner's Manual



  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Push-through and roll down bars
  • Complete spring system
  • 2 arm 2 leg and 1 push-through spring
  • Foot loops (pair)
  • Safety chain
  • Spring cover
  • Twin mats with foot strap
  • Hardware Packs
  • Available in black upholstery only



Peak Pilates warrants this accessory to be free of manufacturing defects. Any parts that are repaired or replaced under the terms of this agreement will be warranted for the remainder of the term of the original warranty. This warranty becomes effective on the invoice date of the original purchase and extends to the time limits indicated below: 


This product carries a two-year limited warranty on the Tower structural components. All other components, with the exception of the upholstery, straps and loops, are covered by a one-year limited warranty. If a failure due to workmanship and/or materials occurs, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the defective components.Upholstery, straps, and loops are warranted against defects in workmanship and/or materials for 60 days. This warranty refers to the Peak Pilates MVe Reformer Tower Kit and covers materials only. It remains in effect only under the following conditions: 


This machine is not modified in any way. The machine is only used as specified in the manual and in accordance with generally accepted Pilates exercise practices. Accidents, abuse, misuse or improper service will not be covered under the provisions of this warranty.




Do not do bottom loaded push through bar exercises on the MVe tower.


SKU: 4710-2400TWRBND

Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer and Tower

SKU: PPMVT1187885
Out of Stock
    • Studio Height at 15 ½” H x 29” W x 103” L
    • (39cm x 74cm x 262cm)
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