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The fit™ reformer leads the way in innovation and is the only reformer in its class that can stand on-end with no removable parts. The fit™ reformer includes a locking foot bar, a four position one-hand gear bar, alignment graphic for student and instructor, as well as an integrated side-split platform with the ability to add a jump board.


Want to add group reformer classes to your studio or fitness center but don’t want to compromise on studio height? Meet the fit™ reformer, a reformer that incorporate vertical stackability, wheels for transportability and affordability in a studio height reformer. Things are definitely looking up!


Learn more about the fit™ Reformer, including an overview and instructions on maintenance and storage!









  • Powder coated aluminum frameStack up to 4 high or stand on its end
  • 4 position gear system
  • 5 Spring System: Standard with 1 Red (Heavy) 2 Yellow (Medium) and 2 Blue (Light)
  • 3 position headrest
  • 4 position foot bar with safety latch and deluxe wraparound cover
  • Adjustable ropes and double loops
  • Retractable Risers
  • Non-slip Pad
  • Gear block
  • Standard long/short box: 9 ½” H x 16” W x 27 ½” L (24cm x 41cm x 70cm)
  • Available in black upholstery only


SKU: 20-036

Peak Pilates fit™ Reformer

SKU: PPFIT1187883
    • Only reformer in its class to be “Studio Height”
    • Designed with the ability to add a jump board
    • Easy rope adjustment
    • Simple and intuitive one-hand gear bar
    • Side-split platform with center orientation grip pads
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