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An all-around compound exercise, the seated low row is very good at exercising your muscles in both the middle back as well as the arms. More specifically, it works out your back muscles, your latissimus dorsi, your upper arm muscles and your forearms.


  • Curved bar provides an ergonomic grip
  • Non-skid footplates
  • Comfortable cushion suits exercisers of various sizes
  • Cold rolled steel weight stacks with noise dampening
  • Stainless steel guide rods resist rust and stay smooth
  • Kevlar belts for quiet, smooth action and optimal tensile strength; belt contains 2200 lb (998 kg) tensile strength aircraft cables
  • Marine-grade double stitched upholstery
  • Heavy-duty European-styled cushions

SportsArt N918 Low Row

SKU: SPART1187356
  • Unit Weight: 455.4 lbs / 207 kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 82 x 33.5 x 76.8 in / 208 x 85 x 195 cm
    Weight Stack: 264 lb / 120 kg
    Max User Weight: 500 lbs / 227 kg
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