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Prepare your home or gym with a full range of our 4-in-1 YBells.

The Kit includes a pair of each size of YBell from XS through XL

and these will challenge YBell users to their fullest potential.



The 10-Piece Kit comes with 2 Extra Small (XS), 2 Small (S), 2 Medium (M), 2 Large (L) and 2 Extra Large (XL) YBells.


XS: 10 lb / 4.5 kg

S: 14 lb / 6 kg

M: 18.5 lb / 8 kg

L: 22.5 lb / 10 kg

XL: 27 lb / 12 kg

YBell 10-Piece Kit

SKU: YB10K187916
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