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Introducing the multi-award winning YBell Neo’s big brother – the YBell Pro Series. Built to last and endure the harshest conditions from the toughest users.

Weights start at 31 lb / 14 kg and span through 44 lb / 20 kg.


  • Weights range of 31 lb / 14 kg to 44 lb / 20 kg
  • Same 4-in-1 functionality
  • Commercial grade powder coated surface
  • Premier finishing for optimal gripping
  • Comfortable, compact, and easy to use
  • Ideal solution for heavy weight-oriented users and training styles
  • YBell-specific exercises and workout routines
  • YBell Pro Series CANNOT be stored on the Vertical Storage Rack
  • New Horizontal Storage Racks for use with all YBell products, including YBell Pro Series coming soon



YBell Pro Series

SKU: YBPS1187904
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