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Top Notch Fitness, Inc. is a  fitness equipment sales and service company in South Florida. 

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we specialize in the sales, repairs, and

preventive maintenance of commercial and residential fitness equipment. 

Our technicians are factory trained and certified.


Services We Provide


* Repairs and Gym Preventive Maintenance 

* New & Used Equipment Sales

* Custom Cable & Belts for All Strength Machines

* Equipment Assembly & Disassembly

* Fitness Equipment and

Medical Furniture Upholstery

* Commercial Gym Cleanings

* Gym Rubber Flooring Installation

Female using leg extension machine.Fitness Equipment Repair and Gym Maintenance Service For Hotels, Hospitals, Condo Associations, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Schools, Cruise Lines, Corporate Fitness Centers, Pilates Studios, Rehab Facilities, Recreation Centers, Health Clubs, Spas, Resorts, Physical Therapy Centers, Apartment Fitness Centers, Condo Fitness Centers, Municipalities, Country Clubs

Industries We Serve


* Health Clubs & Spas

*Pilates Studios

* Hotels & Resorts

* Country Clubs

* Hospitals & Rehabilitation


* Physical Therapy Centers

* Condominium & Apartment

Fitness Centers

* Government/Municipalities

* Police & Fire Departments

* Corporate Fitness Centers

* School Gyms

* Park & Recreation Centers

* Cruise Lines

Some of the Brands We Service:

Cybex Logo. Cybex fitness equipment repair, Cybex treadmill repair, Cybex elliptical repair, Cybex cable repair, Cybex trained technicians
Nautilus Logo.Nautilus fitness equipment repair, Nautilus treadmill repair, Nautilus bike repair, Nautilus elliptical repair, Nautilus fitness equipment maintenance, Nautilus cable repair
Precor Logo.Precor fitness equipment repair, Precor treadmill repair, Precor elliptical repair, Precor bike repair, Precor fitness equipment maintenance, Precor C954 treadmill repair, Precor C932 treadmill repair, Precor EFX elliptical repair, Precor cable repair
Stairmaster Logo.Stairmaster fitness equipment repair, Stairmaster stepmill repair, Stairmaster treadmill repair, Stairmaster bike repair, Stairmaster fitness equipment maintenance, Stairmaster 4600 stepper repair, Stairmaster 4400 stepper repair, Stairmaster 7000PT stepmill repair, Stairmaster SM5 repair
Life Fitness Logo. Life Fitness equipment repair, Life Fitness treadmill repair, Life Fitness elliptical repair, Life Fitness bike repair, Life Fitness equipment maintenance, Life Fitness 9500 treadmill repair, Life Fitness 95T treadmill Repair, Life Fitness elliptical repair, Life Fitness treadmill maintenance, Life Fitness bike repair, Life Fitness stepmill repair, Life Fitness trained technicians, Life Fitness Powermill Climber repair, Life Fitness Lifecycle repair, Life Fitness Flexstrider repair, Life Fitness certified technicians, Life Fitness Gym Maintenance, Life Fitness Equipment Assembly
Star Trac Logo.Star Trac fitness equipment repair, Star Trac treadmill repair, Star Trac elliptical repair, Star Trac bike repair, Star Trac stepper repair, Star Trac fitness equipment maintenance
Scifit Logo. Scifit fitness equipment repair, Scifit Pro repair, Scifit bike repair, Scifit Equipment Service Providers, Scifit Equipment Repair, Scifit Equipment Maintenance, Scifit Equipment Assembly
True Fitness Logo. True Fitness equipment repair, True Fitness treadmill repair, True Fitness bike repair, True Fitness elliptical repair, True Fitness equipment maintenance, True fitness treadmill repair, True fitness elliptical repair, True fitness bike repair, True fitness treadmill maintenance, True Fitness Service Providers, True Fitness Equipmen Repair, True Fitness Equipment Maintenance, True Fitness Equipment Service, True Fitness Equipment Assembly
Biodex Logo.Biodex fitness equipment repair, Biodex treadmill repair, Bioded fitness equipment maintenance
Matrix Logo.Matrix fitness equipment repair, Matrix treadmill repair, Matrix elliptical repair, Matrix fitness equipment maintenance
Woodway Logo. Woodway fitness equipment repair, Woodway treadmill repair, Woodway service providers, Woodway Desmo Repair, Woodway Curve Repair, Woodway Treadmill Maintenance, Woodway Equipment Assembly, Woodway 4front Repair, Woodway Wattbike repair
Keiser Logo.Keiser fitness equipment repair, Keiser fitness equipment maintenance
Technogym Log.Technogym fitness equipment repair, Technogym treadmill repair, Technogym bike repair, Technogym elliptical repair, Technogym fitness equipment maintenance
Nustep Logo.Nustep fitness equipment repair, Nustep crosstrainer repair, Nustep fitness equipment maintenance, Nustep TRS 4000 repair, Nustep service providers, Nustep Equipment Maintenance Service, Nustep Repairs
Freemotion Logo.Freemotion fitness equipment repair, Freemotion treadmill repair, Freemotion fitness equipment maintenance, Freemotion cable machine repair
Sportsart Logo.Sportsart fitness equipment repair, Sportsart treadmill repair, Sportsart bike repair, Sportsart elliptical repair, Sportsart fitness equipment maintenance
Paramount Fitness Logo.Paramount fitness equipment repair. Paramount fitness equipment maintenance, Parmamount cable repair
Hoist Logo.Hoist fitness equipment repair, Hoist fitness equipment maintenance
Parabody Logo.Parabody fitness equipment repair,Parabody fitness equipment maintenance
Spirit Fitness Logo.Spirit fitness equipment repair, Spirit fitness treadmill repair, Spirit Fitness elliptical repair, Spirit Fitness bike repair, Spirit Fitness equipment maintenance, Sole Fitness Equipment Repair, Sole Fitness Treadmill Repair, Sole Fitness Elliptical Repair, Sole Fitness Equipment Assembly, Spirit Fitness Equipment Assembly
Proform Logo.Proform fitness equipment repair, Proform treadmill repair, Proform elliptical repair, Proform bike repair, Proform fitness equipment maintenance
Power Plate, Vibration Machine Repairs
Stages Spin Bike Repairs
Concept 2 Logo.Concept 2 fitness equipment repair, Concept 2 rower repair
Landice Logo.Landice fitness equipment repair,  Landice treadmill repair, Landice fitness equipment maintenance
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