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The MVe® Reformer is a sleek, precision-built aluminum reformer possessing the features and quality of the finest professional studio reformers, while stacking for space-saving if necessary. This patent-pending design allows for ‘nesting’ of the units without removing parts or legs.


The MVe® Reformer's innovative design includes features not found on other stackable reformers such as retractable shoulder-block, retractable risers and a gear bar selection for maximum adjustability, comfort and user-friendly appeal.

You can upgrade the MVe® Reformer to a full Tower System with the MVe® Reformer Tower Conversion, which allows for reformer/tower/mat work to all be performed in one unit.



    • Stack up to 4 high
    • Powder coated aluminum frame
    • 4 position gear system
    • 5 spring system: Standard with 1 Red (Heavy) 2 Yellow (Medium) and 2 Blue (Light)
    • 3 position headrest
    • 4 position footbar with safety latch
    • Adjustable ropes
    • Double loops (pair)
    • Retractable risers
    • Retractable shoulder blocks
    • Retractable handles for easy maneuvering
    • Non-slip Pad
    • Available in black upholstery only


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Download the Owner's Manual


SKU: 4710-2400REV4

Peak Pilates MVe® Reformer

SKU: PPMVE1187881
Out of Stock
    • Studio Height at 15 ½” H x 29” W x 103” L
    • (39cm x 74cm x 262cm)
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