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The Wunda Chair was created as a small apartment sitting chair that when turned upside down converted into a workout apparatus complete with 2-bed springs. While the design has evolved and we no longer use bed springs, the function and purpose has stood the test of time and remains true to form. Our Wunda Chair is an authentic version of the original that converts from a working to sitting position and has the look of fine furniture.


A more modern approach to the Wundachair allows for a dual mode chair that looks more like a piece of well designed furniture when in seating mode and is more comfortable and accommodating than any other competitive chair on the market today. 


The new chair structure is made entirely of furniture grade Baltic Birch. All external visible hardware has been hidden for a clean, smooth aesthetic.


  • Removable seat and backrest pad help make chair mode more comfortable. The seat/backrest are adjustable in angle and have more padding for comfort and can be easily folded for storage when in working mode.
  • We've added a removable seat/backrest pad as an included accessory that adjusts in angle for comfort in sitting mode.
  • The new spring storage position was added to keep the springs tidy while moving the chair and while changing from sitting to working mode.
  • A handle cutout was added in the backrest to aid in moving the chair.
  • Baltic birch plywood construction for strength and beauty. Edges are exposed in an honest manner to show the quality of the wood and construction details.
  • Round section footpad for classic positioning and geometry.

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Peak Pilates Wunda Chair

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