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Built on decades of research and development in the field of Whole Body Vibration training, the Power Plate pro5 brings the latest, most effective technology to your training. With a wide range of frequency and time settings, you can increase vibration levels incrementally—taking you where you want to go with your goals, at the pace that’s right for you. The large plate surface allows for more options and also provides vibration to more parts of your body. The pro5 has been proven in commercial settings for wellness, beauty, fitness, active aging, sports performance, medicine and rehabilitation. What’s Included:


• Hand Straps (set of 2)

• Rubber Mat

• Exercise Poster

• Instructions for Use

• Dust Covers (column and platform)

• Power Cord


Additionally, for training tips, workouts and even more ways to get the most out of our products, download the FREE Power Plate App, available for iOS and Android.



Grade: Professional

Color: Silver

Frequency Options: 25Hz, 30Hz, 35Hz, 40Hz, 45Hz, 50Hz

Time Selections: 30s/60s 0-9 minute

Vibration Settings (amplitude): 25Hz(L), 30Hz, 35Hz, 40Hz, 45Hz, 50Hz (Low/ High)

Dual Sync Twin Motor System: DualSync Twin Motor System maintains precise balance at any frequency and amplitude level, allowing perfect synchronization of vibration for maximum muscle response and efficiency

proMOTION Dynamic Vibration Technology: 7 resistance levels. Pull toward front of the machine to increase, push toward back of the machine to decrease. Maximum cable length: 2.2m/ 98.4in.



Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) (in and cm): 34 in x 42 in x 61 in / 87 cm x 107 cm x 156 cm

Platform Dimensions (W x D) (in and cm): 34 in x 30 in / 86.3 cm x 76.2 cm

Weight: 301lb / 137kg

Maximum Load: 400lb / 182kg

Power Supply: AC100-240V

Nominal Power in Operation: 160-265VA

Certifications: CE, PSE, MDD

Upper Display: B/W LCD display with keypad, WiFi included



3 yrs hardware

1 yr electronics

1 yr labor

Power Plate PRO5 - 71-P5R-3100

SKU: POPLT1187440
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